Sunday, 28 November 2010

Boulder hunting - Google Maps style!

Today i went on a solo boulder hunt. Fueled on too many months without bouldering, too many bouldering videos on my laptop and too many blog posts about you guessed it.... bouldering. All internet trawls for info on Costa Blanca Bouldering result in minimal finds. The best seem to be found on a Beach near Denia (one hours drive north), at a crag called Montesa (50 mins drive north) and in a dry river bed at Castell de Castells (45 mins inland). After scanning the coastline near our house on Google Maps i thought i hit on something worth a look. Two dark grey limestone blocks - bungalo sized on a beach 10 minutes away.

Unfortunately the tide was in and i've no bouldering pads in Spain. BUT at least i know they're there! I think i'll just have to accept that the White Coast of Spain is sports climbing central and not a prime bouldering spot, ah well. 3 hours gets us to Albarracin so i guess we can't complain. Gonna have to get a pad soon though... any suggestions? I'm thinking a simple and cheap Alpkit Phud again (or maybe two)

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