Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Ireland Weekend Break - Exploring

Well I´ve been home to Dublin for a suprise Birthday party for my parents last weekend. After all the fun and craic on Friday night we went out for a stroll on Sunday morning along the North Dublin coastline. My Dad Brought us to one of his favourite dog walking venues; Loughshinny between Skerries and Lusk. It always gets me keen exploring new places and looking for climbing potential! Loughshinny´s rock didn´t yield too much in the way of Portrane-esque steepness but it was a fun ramble and might provide a fun day out for some other local climber eager to find something new. There is a hell of alot of coastline up there and it only takes finding a 10m wide span of good quality steepness to add another venue to Irish climbing. Perhaps with more time a local could really explore that stretch and turn up something good. Happy Hunting!

Dave senior on the lookout for climbing spots!

Lots of steep looking corners I never got to explore

Mini roof with a sloping lip traverse?

Worth any effort?

Nice looking overhanging corner... eliminates?


Stephen McMullan said...

Looks like a monkfish jawbone

Dave said...

Yep! Thats what we thought too!