Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Saturday was an awesome day - started with a good 8 mile run, then an episode of Lost over breakfast, a quick trip to the farm shop to pick up some buffalo sausages, couple of hours bouldering on Grit, whiz around Ikea superstore, some grub, then a free Gig! Heres some pictures...

Finger is feeling good - this doesn't count as climbing though as i didn't go above V6, Honnest! :)


Neal said...

Ha, I thought you said 8 weeks out?! :)

Dave said...

No, no, no... i said two weeks complete rest then some gentle rehab before introducing some light sport specific work... anyway, like i said i didn't really pull hard on anything :)

Managed to lead Carolines project too with no aches the other night and thats a crimpy Fecker! Just used the thumb, index and middle finger on my right though ;)

Havn't hung from the finger board in 3 weeks now! Arrraaggghhhh!!