Sunday, 27 April 2008

Re' Laxix - This isn't over!

Caroline's first E5 - Laxix, E5 6a - I'd describe it as a reachy, technical boulder problem to a poor rest with fiddley tiny wires and optional skyhook, straight into a sieries of 5c/6a technical moves up a gently overhanging wall split by a thin crack, ending with a deadpoint from a sloper to the base of a tiny groove which is then followed with poor protection to a thank God jug and a top-out. The propper write up will follow soon but all i'll say for now is it impressed the hell outa me!


Anonymous said...

you cant take e6 for a 20 ft route with two pads

Dave said...

fair point....albeit the pads were more as a seat for putting my shoes on and keeping them dry..... and wer not under the crux out left or higher up. Not the hardest E6 i've been on though... true

Obviously as an anonymous poster you're no doubt used to sticking your neck on the line so your insight is much appreciated :)