Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Just a brief one.... nothing really big to type about but lots of little things...

  • Got my car fixed at last! The crag charriot rides again! Hurrahh!
  • Got out onto Rock again, at last! Despite the cold and seepage managed a good half dozen steep sports routes including a couple of 7b's - Stamina isn't that bad after all - always need more though!
  • Got the first ascent of a route at the indoor wall on Sunday :p .... i know i know - but someone set it months ago and no-one had been able to climb it.... i lead it 2nd go... and gave it the complusary sandbaged grade of 5c :)
  • I'm really likeing the moon board at the climbing wall now - 45 degrees of perfect crimps and edges... (never thought i'd be typing that!)
  • Have fashioned a makeshift fingerboard in the absence of my beloved training wall - small but perfectly formed :)
  • I'm now totally addicted to Lost - Got given the complete first sieries a few weeks ago and am now half way through the 2nd sieries boxed set! Don't worry, it's not affecting the hanging!
  • The running has taken a knock on the head for the past few weeks. Caroline has come down with some whoper of a virus - achey bones, no energy and headaches - a cough to boot! We're just accepting it as a forced rest - don't think we've had such a break during the past 4 years! i really feel like i need to run - alot!
  • Word has in on the grapevine that norther climber boyos are strong and getting stronger by the minute (nothing new there i suppose!) .... just some targets to keep working towards :) Font 8b and ground up E9's? Thats gonna take some beating!
  • I've been feeling the trad cravings lately - the bolts are brilliant but i'm after some runouts and mind games me thinks.... this could be bad


Wasatch Girl said...

Ha ha ... "crag chariot". I love it!

Dave said...

Why thank you Kindly! :)