Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Local project

Last night in fading light we hit our most local crag (10 mins drive) to get Caroline onto a line she had been eyeing up for a while now. Picture a lovely setting sun, quiet crag in the countryside, little lambs etc... and a crimpy little trad testpiece with a strong Irish woman yarding up through it :) Picturesque or wot?
The lower wall crux reach for Caroline

Moving towards the first piece of protection...

She can climb the route but it's time to contemplate the lead... Trad headgames

Despite the odd reach required lower down, Caroline fairly cruised up this route, as a sports route it might get 7a, maybe even 7a+.... grades Caroline can lead fine - but as a trad lead with limited protection placements (sometimes fiddley to place) it's a different matter.... I'll keep ye posted!


Stephen Mc Gowan said...

Good luck Caroline....I wish I had time to project at the moment....soon all this college work will be over though :P

Dave said...

Haa... Cheers Steve, I'll pass that onto her :)
Now get back to those books!