Tuesday, 1 June 2010

How to get there?

Howth, North Dublin.

Drive along the coast road from clontarf until you get to the Sutton junction. Turn right onto the R105. As you crest a hill past the graveyard you’ll notice a railing and public footpath access through the wall on the right of the road. Park beyond this point on the left. Take the footpath through farmland onto the coastal path near Red Rock. Follow the coastal path towards Drumleck point, passing a small beach. The path begins to follow the great wall of Howth. Made from strange shell cement. At one point there will be wall sections on both sides of the path. Jump the wall here and follow the steps down into a secluded inlet with a small sea arch/tunnel on it’s left. Walk out of the inlet and turn left. You’ll be staring at Ayton’s Cave – now get in and start bearing down!


Tim said...

Agh walked past that loads. Give me something to do when visiting the inlaws

Dave said...

Thought you'd like it!

Pierre said...

Triple doh! I can't believe it! Been there so many times and never found it!

Well done Dave!