Sunday, 9 January 2011

Happy New Year

We spent two weeks back in Ireland over the christmas period. Lots of family days and meetings with people, zero outdoor climbing, three indoor sessions in Dublin's co-op caves, a trip to the dental hospital, two doses of Christmas flu and a few extra pounds. Thanks to everyone to texted about lifts to wicklow and got us into the co-ops! Really appreciate it!

Back in Spain now the psyche is strong - yesterday despite the lingering flu we took our guests to Forada and i jumped on an 8a+ cold. It went well and i'll be back for the redpoint soon. The attempt took it's toll though - i felt it in my shoulders, no power, no umph! After that i clipped up a 7c+ and Caroline worked the moves bolt to bolt. Again, flu symptoms, headaches and lack of energy made everything feel that bit harder but the moves were all done and it's one for her to come back to. By the time Caroline had finished and i went up again to strip the draws i couldn't even pull through the crux without first falling off - completely wasted. after that and with no arms left i had to go up the 8a+ again to strip the draws before packing up. Chuffed that i made it into the crux before draining my fuel reserves.

Today the guests (all 7 of them Irish, Cork, Aussie, Hungarian and American) went climbing and i drove them to the crag but decided a rest day was needed - hard to do when theres a group psyche but i came home to try and do some school work and gobble some more drugs.

2011 is gonna be great! Keep cranking and stay psyched!


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Paul said...

Nice to know the Hungarian made it intact after the epic bus ride! :-)