Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Elite Syncopations

  • I first tried this ages ago and thought it was impossible.
  • Then i tried it before going to Siurana and still couldn't do two entire sections and was convinced that if it was possible it was for only the strong.
  • Tonight i climbed it - it felt beautiful - the holds felt big and happy - the moves were beautiful and in balance - and the evening sun was warm.
Caroline gave me the beta for my redpoint crux right at the top and the impetus to try it again. I couldn't of sent it this evening without her.
8a and a personal best for me - best for difficulity - best for unexpected - best for personal progress - best for style. So psyched for more it's insane!!!!!!!


Neal said...
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Neal said...

congrats :) this is the piece of climbing we just don't get back home - the concept of trying and trying a route (the boulderers know what they're doing :) until you unlock the secrets :) Nice send! hopefully see you this weekend.....

Dave said...

Cheers dude! got it on the 6th redpoint - the first 5 i fell off above all the 8a climbing coz i was trying a stupid sequence!
Looking forward to the weekend already!