Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Catch up

Been a bust few weeks!
Neal (aka Usual Suspect) has been over clipping bolts with Caroline and meself at the jewel in the crown of uk sports climbing... Malham (more from me on that soon)
I've been keeping up with work (just about!)
and i've been trying to work on a load of reviews and crag articles to post up on Team Geared after being invited to start posting there (Who'd have thunk people would actually ASK me to waffle!?)
Plus theres been education and cross-curricular courses for me to attend and more marking than can be healthy!
The Joys!
less than 2 weeks to Siurana!


TheUsualSuspect said...

"Who'd have thunk people would actually ASK me to waffle!?"

LOL - that's what I said when they asked me :)

aquaasho said...

Hi Dave

Just dropped by to say Howya! Love the pictures you and Neal post about climbing, they scare the hell out of me! Welcome to TGU too!