Saturday, 1 September 2007

Dalkey’s Crack Attack round

Our last day in the quarry before my granddads 80th birthday and we head off to the Aran Islands and we’ve had our fill of trying the hard lines. We’ve 4 hours to climb before having to leave for the festivities and I realise that Caroline has never climbed the classic E2 cracks. Can we do all 5 before leaving? Damn straight!
Tower Ridge Direct, E2 5c
Heres the challenge:
The Shield
Smouldering stirrups
Blazing Saddles
Tower Ridge Direct
The Gnasher
2 climbers
1 rack
1 rope
0 falls
0 rests
All belays must be set up and dismantled
All 5 routes must be seconded and cleaned
Clock starts on entering the quarry
Clock stops on leaving

Blazing Saddles, E2

Our time 2:34 (But we stopped for lunch and did one or two other side lines as solos)

I reckon some local out there could probably tidy them off in under an hour but it would be interesting to see…

Give em a go! They’re a great few lines!

Imagine the pitch if they were all stacked one ontop of each other!


Stephen Mc Gowan said...

Hmmm...I think you have just given me a challenge...

Dave said...

Go for it!

Outsider Annacurra '07 said...

hmmm, challenges hey? from me this a bit pot kettle black (I love competition) but surely the way to enjoy Dublin's premier granite is at your own pace? In my case I've never climbed the Gnasher so at the moment I'm on about 7 years and counting on the challenge but hey maybe I'll get there one day.
Slightly off the point but I reckon VS had a great selection of routes as well in Dalkey. HS is undernourished and there's some good E1's. The grades above are a lost and foreign land I'm afriad though :)
And well done by the way! 5 good routes in a very quick time.