Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Weekend Rock

This weekend was a mixed bag. Sat morning hail, sleet, snow, thunder and lightening... but the Scalp was dry! Sunday morning I hit Glenmalure hoping to meet up with some peeps but after an hour or so I packed up and went exploring Glendasan. I wanted to try "So it Goes" - it didn't dissapoint - brilliant dyno.


Anonymous said...

So it Goes looks very pretty. Can you write something about the grade?

Dave said...

Yes it is pretty. The grade? It's given 6C in the guide. I don't know grades anymore. I've done easier 7A dynos in Font but using Irish bouldering grades it's probably around 6A. Found the 6C+ to the right easier but it's completely reach dependant. The dyno would feel easier with another pad and a spotter for sure. Get on it.

davo said...

Accurately grading dynos, especially jug to jug ones is pretty pointless.

You are a tall man Dave. And that problem to the right is incredibly morpho.

Do you think that irish grades are inaccurate compared to Font? See you later. I will have your books.

Dave said...

Think this deserves a post in itself :o)

Kawior said...

Thanx Dave for answer about the grade. I was in Glendasan today but the weather changed my plan, too much rain.
Cheers Damian/Kawior