Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bouldering potential

Went exploring a hillside today on a mission to scope out some potential bouldering spots for future development. Straight away we hit gold. Large clean blocks with obvious lines (although many look too hard for me at present). The combination of amazing setting and striking features on these blocks make me feel like we found somewhere special and bursting with potential. Some serious groundwork is needed to prepare a path up to the blocks and clear away some of the vegetation. I'm gonna have to invest in some bouldering pads. But before then it'll be cairn building and cutting steps - I'm psyched :o)
The first cluster while bushwacking up - four blocks with lots of lines
This overhanging arete stood out a mile! Steeper than it looks in this pic and with a good landing
The Motherload
Obvious highball arete
Overhanging face between 4 ans 6m in height
Profile view of the motherload :o)


Patricia Fox said...

Looks amazing!!

Dave said...

Yeah, theres a whols hillside of those blocks too - tip of the iceberg! :o)