Friday, 29 April 2011

Playing with Video

Heres a short vid of some of our recent climbing antics... well I should say of Caroline's recent climbing. I have been climbing, honest, but i keep sending routes when i'm not expecting to so i never bother setting the camera up! I'll change that tomorrow though... get some falling off and swearing footage of meself.
Been playing with different camera setups and video settings too... amazing what you can do without school work and marking to be done :o)
After 2 days on my current route I've fallen off the crux hold 5 times on redpoint, each time pulling back on and finishing it to the chains in one. Frustrating but fun. Enjoying the mileage it's giving me as it's a 13 cliper :o)


Pierre said...

Looks like you're enjoying yourselves! Good work Dave!

Dave said...

Cheers Pierre... yeah having fun alright - it's all learning from scratch and good fun :o)

Dave said...

Cheers Pierre! Yeah, it's all good fun - learning so much and loving it! Just missing bouldering the odd time - will have to sort that out :o)