Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Signs you’re a sports climber

  • You regularly fall off while leading

  • Finding a rock shoe with an aggressive last was a revelation of mind blowing proportions

  • You wear through more than two single ropes a year

  • Your redpoint rope is between 8 and 9mm in diameter

  • You know what a redpoint is!

  • You’ve dug out your trad rack only to strip the 16 or so camming devices of their karabiners so you can make 8 more quickdraws

  • Your harness only has one buckle and weights less than one rockshoe

  • When you boulder you say things like “Wow, that would be a class move 50m up a route!”

  • You convert the grades of any trad routes you do into French grades

  • Slabs hurt your calves

  • You own a clipstick

  • Good heelhooks and dropknees make you all warm and tingly inside

  • You can give and understand beta in 7 different languages

Anything else? :o)


Patricia Fox said...

You say 'tsa!' when doing tough moves - so everyone knows... it's tough!

Dave said...

Good point... from ground level (or the other end of the crag) it's not always easy to tell. Tak!! or Ggggrrrrr!!! are also acceptable :o)

Tom Silsbury said...

You keep a belay credit list in the back of the guide book to pay back the hours your mates spend standing around on a Grigri while you brush holds.

Neal said...

classic :)