Friday, 25 February 2011

Something for the weekend

Well this week I feel like I well and truely need something to keep me going... Shit week on the work front and will probably have to do some over the weekend with a school inspection due to take place on Monday. After that it's full on battle mode and evening cragging can resume :o)

On the interweb this week - A really honest question and answer session between Pierre and Dave "the short span" Bouldering guide Ireland. Nice to see him getting some credit for his obsession and hard work and great to see Pierre taking the initiative and doing an article for the French mag Grimper.

And now the Psyche!!

The Stuff dreams are made of?

Who needs chocolate?

Better Than Chocolate // Trailer from Haroun Souirji on Vimeo.


Check this out... probably why he made Dreamcatcher look almost do-able :o)

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