Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Road to Release

It’s dark and wet on a Sunday evening in Llangollen and I’m shattered! 2 days of frantic packing, making snap decisions on what is needed and what should go free to a good home, dismantling the Fringe board and lowering it down the side of a building under cover of night and saying all the final goodbyes to everyone has taken its toll. I had planned on setting off for Dover around 10pm after a few hours of sleep but of course that never happened. It’s 11pm now and we’ve been at it flat out. It’s a strange feeling trying to pack two peoples lives into the boot and backseat of a 307. Strange in a good way – leaving bag after bag of clothes and memories down to the charity shop felt like a release. Throwing away black sack after black sack of junk into the skip had the same effect. It was like the ultimate spring clean and I felt great after doing it. Being forced to evaluate what actually matters and what was needed brought me to the realisation that in fact I don’t need very much at all. It’s the people I’ve met, friendships I’ve made and experiences I’ve had that are the only things I really want to keep hold of – everything else can go and I’m more than happy to start from scratch.

The 1500 mile drive passed in a two day blur. Not much to say really. The car was full, we’d not a lot of money but just enough to make the fuel and toll costs to La Nucia, I couldn’t see out the back window and there was no Air conditioning so the front windows were open at all times. We arrived to our new home hot and sweaty wrecks. But we’re here now and ready to start exploring!

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Ian Mulvany said...

good luck dave, and a big cheers to following your dreams.