Wednesday, 9 July 2008

British Fell Championships

A few weeks back Caroline decided to enter into the Fell championships despite not really managing to get into the groove of training at all this year really (Mainly due to a few lingering illness').
Heres some profiles and pictures of the event - 3 words - short and Sharp!

Caroline finished 9th Senior Lady despite a fall on the descent - got us back training on the fells with a vengance


Anonymous said...

Good stuff lads, I'm just back from a seriously motivational weekend of hillrunning myself. Must train harder, smarter and consistently. hope it's going well over there.


Dave said...

Cheers peter - sounds much like my thinking - always need to do more!

you climbing this summer?

Outsider Annacurra '07 said...

hi dave,

Not really climbing, Jason dragged me up a couple of FairHead routes a few weekends ago which was great but the next hill-running trial race is in 5 weeks so gotta focus :)

keep up the good work, you're getting on quality routes my man!

Wasatch Girl said...

Great pics. I love the one of everyone running up the hill. =)