Friday, 27 June 2008

Eye Candy 002

Wider bridging above the crux but still nothing like a hold in sight
Nico belaying sean (in my hat) on his oh so almost successful 1st redpoint attempt. Just look at this position, Palming, hangjam-chickenwing, kneebaring, smearing, chimney-ing, face smear!!

Me belaying Nico - taking a deep breath before throwing himself into the groove for his last redpoint attempt!Me starting up Yukon II, E7 6b - damp sandstone! A great feature but not many holds - or trustworthy gear placements!


Kenny said...

Dave, is this Nico trying Quarryman at the recent BMC meet? From what I have read it sounds like a really succesful event. Did he get it?

Dave said...

The Lads stayed around for a couple of weeks after the meet and we went climbing all over - Grit (Wet), Pembroke (Wet), then back north to Slate and Gogarth and Nesscliffe - We spent a hot day in the quarry trying to free climb all the pitches of the Quarryman in a day (which had never before been done) - 11 hours later we gave in and ab'ed off (100m) in the dark - so no - didn't get it but loved it - Sean actually got closer than Nico, falling above the last bolt just before the jug on his first try!!