Monday, 19 November 2007

Dear God!

Just when things are beginning to take shape and you allow yourself enjoy a glimpse of hope that some day you'll actually be strong.... someone comes along with camcorder and shows you what strong really is! - This is my closest bouldering crag - 10 mins by car from my house. Without trying to sound cocky or anything - i've not been to many crags where there just isn't enough holds for me to pull on! I can only do 2 or 3 problems here! This is how it should be done - i feel some new projects are in the pipeline :) Thug Mentality looks insanely powerful - bring it on!

I feel weak!

Check out the excellent for all the latest bouldering news in the area!


TheUsualSuspect said...

sniff sniff**
Why don't we have any (steep) rock like that in Ireland........

Dave said...

St. Patrick got rid of all that stuff too with the snakes? :)

TheUsualSuspect said...

LOL :)
that's about as good an excuse as I've heard in a while

Still though, all I'm asking for is a bit more than Portrane (and that's not even that steep or powerful :)