Sunday, 12 August 2007

Lots of Climbing

Since getting back from France we've been doing more hard climbing than i reckon i have ever done before. We're climbing every second day and it seems to be working quite well. In addition to the climbing we're still doing our usual running every day and trying to get done all the other stuff that seems to crop up. One of the main improvements i've noticed is in the condition of my tips... normally after any amount of sustained cranking (especially in Clwyd with it's tiny crimps and steep, compacted limestone) my skin is blown after a couple of days. Well while training on the board at home i began to apply something i've known for years but never did anything about... Have a read...

Dave's Tips for Climbing Skin Care
1 - Get the chalk off your mits as soon as possible once you've finished your climbing! Whether its at a wall or out at a crag - Wash your hands! If i'm out at a crag i'll use a stream or the left overs from the days supply of bottled water. Using some sand or grit mixed in it helps too. At home i use any kind of soapy hand scrub. The idea being you're skin needs moisture to heal and regrow - chalk is there to DE-MOISTURISE your skin and it does it very well. if you can get it off your hands asap - you;ll start healing quicker

2 - File or sand off any lumps, tears, flappers. use whatever you got - even a abrasive piece of stone

3 - Moisturise. During Summer thats easy - aftersun works just as well on your tips as it does on your sunburn. ClimbOn cream i've found is great too for the drive home or in the evening time when you've finished cooking and dont have to do anything dexterous and can just let it soak in.

(if you've an extreme flapper and want it to heal as fast as possible - full a cup with water - and Cary it around with you all day with the offending digit submerged in the water - it works)

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